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Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau


Along with an article the following documents are provided to the editorial office: 

  • Information on the results of checking for the presence of illegal borrowings.

  • Expert conclusion about the possibility of open publication. 

The expert conclusion is issued at the place of work or study of one of the article’s authors and is verified by the seal of this organization. It must contain the title of the article and surnames of all authors. 

  • License agreement granting the right to use a Work. 

Completed and 

signed by all authors.(EN)  

For foreign authors it is possible to provide to the editorial office scanned copies of documents and articles (in Word 2003) by e-mail. After a positive revieworiginal documents and a printed article signed by all the authors on the last page will be sent to the editorial office by mail. An article can be published only if the originals of mentioned documents are provided to the editorial office.