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Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau


Files with an article are accepted by e-mail vestnik@sibsau.ru.

The number of authors is not more than 5.

Content. The article should describe problems, reflected the object of study, achieved level of research, the novelty of the results, their application area.

The article should end with a conclusion, where the novelty of the results, effectiveness etc.

Complete article: 5-20 pages (including figures, tables, and bibliographic references).

Page properties. A4 (210 X 297).

Text. Font – Times New Roman, 12 pt.

Margins: left and right – 20mm, up and down – 25 mm.

Not allowed to type texts in capital (uppercase) letters and in bold (except for the name) and place all of the elements in the framework and simulate design set in the journal.

When submitting a scientific article to the journal, it is to beobserved the following scheme:

Title of the article (centered, in bold and capital letters);

Author(s) (centered, lowercase letters);

Address data of the authors: organization(s), address of the organization(s), e-mail of all or one of the author (if the authors are from different organizations, their membershipofthe organization is marked with a number (superscript) after the author's name and before the name of the organization);

Full text of the article;

Abstract. The abstract should consist of minimum 200-250 words and include the following aspects of the article’s content: subject, theme, the purpose of work; method or methodology of the work; results of the work; the area of results’ application.

The main text of the article is placed in a gap from the abstract. Aline interval – single, letter and word interval – normal, hyphenation is not allowed. Paragraph indention – 5 mm.

Figures should be numbered and have a title. In the text adopted on the reduced fig.

References to the sources used in the article are enclosed in square brackets and numbered sequentially, starting with [1] (required to comply with the sequential numbering in the text, and not to make references in alphabetical order).

Formulas. Simple inline and single-line formulas should be typed without special editors.