Vitalii A. Terskov

Vitalii A. Terskov – D.Sc. in Engineering, Professor

Place of employment and position: Krasnoyarsk Rail Transport Institute – the branch of the Irkutsk State Transport University, Professor of the Department of Personnel Management

Address: 89, Lado Ketskhoveli St., Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Siberian Federal District, Russia 660028

Tel.: 89135206731


Education: Krasnoyarsk Higher Command School of Radio-electronices for Air Defense (1982)

Research interests: modeling and optimization of the architecture of hardware and software systems for managing objects in real time

Russian Science Citation Index

  • Number of publications: 45

  • Citations: 158

  • Hirsch index: 6


  • Number of publications: 3

  • Citations: 1

  • Hirsch index: 1


  • Number of publications: 0

  • Citations: 0

  • Hirsch index: 0