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Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau

Information for authors

Articles published in the journal are the property of the publishing house. If materials are reprinted, reference to the journal will be required.

Example of reference:

Al’tshuler A. Sh., Bobronnikov V. T., Trifonov M. V. Development of launch vehicle control algorithm for the initial part of the trajectory using the ACOR method. Siberian Journal of Science and Technology. 2017. Vol. 18, No. 2. P. 314–322.

While preparing a paper for publication it is necessary to follow the author’s ethics.

Make correct links to publications which were used in your materials.

The editorial board reserves the right to distribute the circulation of the publication, including electronic version of the journal by any available means. Royalties are not paid; manuscripts are not returned.The decision to publish an article is accepted by the journal’seditorial staff for a month from the date ofmanuscript’sreceipt. 

The author is responsible for the selection, accuracy and precision of the factual material. The editorial officecan publish articles without sharing the point of view of the authors. 

All articles submitted to the editors undergo peer review! The review period is from 1 to 3 months. On the basis of the analysis the author of the submitted article is given an opportunity to read the text of the review which is e-mailed to the author. The article can be accepted or rejected (mentioning the reasons). The final decision on publication of accepted articles in coming issue or keeping it in the manuscripts in editor’s hand due to queueing is made by the editorial board (February, May, August, November).

Attention! It’s impossible to publish the article in other journals as it will be considered to be plagiarism.

Since 1 January 2018 all submitted articles can be accepted provided there is an official document for the presence of illegal borrowings. If it is necessary, according to the reviewer, editorial board or editorial team, there can be a double review for manuscripts.

Submitted articles must comply with the journal’s format requirements. Authors should enclose an expert’s evaluation, a licensing contract and an official document for the presence of illegal borrowings.

All articles submitted to the editors undergo peer review and are published free of charge!