Sending articles

Articles prepared according to the requirements are sent by the following e-mail:










Office: P-416, 31, Krasnoyarsky Rabochy Av., Krasnoyarsk, Russia 660037

Телефон: (391)290-42-31


Contact person: Goloskova Nelya Nikolaevna, editor

Rules for authors

Files with the article are accepted by e-mail

Электронная копия. Статья набирается в программе Microsoft Office Word 2003!

The length of the article 5–20 pages (including figures, tables and references), a short message - 4–5 pages, review article - up to 20 pages.

Page settings.. A4 format (210 × 297). Fields: right and left - 2 cm, upper and lower - 2.5 cm.

Text. Font Times New Roman 12. Subtitles: Font Times New Roman 12 bold.

Line spacing – single, letter spacing and word spacing - normal, word wrap is not allowed.

Paragraph indent is 0.5 cm.

It is not allowed (!) to type texts in capital letters and bold type (except for the name), and also to place all the indicated elements within the framework and imitate the design of the set executed in the journal.

The article should contain the subject, topic, purpose of the work; method or methodology of the work; work results; scope of results; findings.

Pages are not numbered.

The structure of the article:

1) UDC identifierprecedes the title of the article, corresponds to the stated topic and is affixed in the upper left corner of the sheet.

2) The title of the article:no more than 15 words. Abbreviations and clipping in the title are not allowed.

3) Authors.Initials and surname. The number of authors of one article is not more than five. The author has the right to publish in the issue once, the second in co-authorship.

4) The author's affiliation in the publication: the name and address of the organization, as well as e-mail the author-correspondent. If there are several authors, each surname and the corresponding organization have a digital superscript. If all authors of the article work in the same organization, it is indicated once;

5) Abstract: at least 230–250 words. Abstract structure: the purpose of the study, methods, results, conclusion. Italic

6) Keywords: no more than 5–7 words or phrases. Italic

7) The main text is constructed according to the following scheme and contains mandatory subheadings:







Thematic subtitles on the main part of the text.


Acknowledgments (if there is an indication of sources of funding, grants).

Acknowledgements (Благодарности дублируются на английском языке).

References.At least 15 sources.

  BGN (

Design of figures and tables

Figures. Figures should be numbered consecutively, have a name and a link to the figure in the text (fig. 1, fig. 2, etc.).

Formulas. Simple inline and single-line formulas should be typed without the use of special editors. Special complex characters, as well as multi-line formulas that cannot be typed in the usual way, should be typed in the Math Type formula editor. The set of mathematical formulas throughout the text should be uniform:

– character sizes are determined by the standard settings Math Type (Size - Define - Factory);

– Russian and Greek characters - in plain text;

– Latin - in italics.

Formulas typed in separate lines, placed in the center. It is not allowed (!) to type in the main text of the article simple Latin, Greek, or special characters in the formula editor.

Tables should be sequentially numbered and denoted by the text as table. 1, tab. 2, etc. The word “table” is typed in light italics with alignment to the right, in font 11, below — the title of the table (in bold in the center).


The names and email addresses entered on this journal’s site will be used solely for the purposes identified by this journal and will not be used for any other purposes or provided to other individuals or organizations.