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Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau
Vestnik sibsau

UDK 628.822 Doi: 10.31772/2587-6066-2018-19-3-540-549
V. A. Ivanov
Siberian Federal University, Polytechnic Institute, 26, Kirensky Str., Krasnoyarsk, 660074, Russian Federation. E-mail: VinTextrim@yandex.ru
An iterative algorithm is described for calculating the pressure distribution in the lubricating layer of a sliding bearing that takes into account the viscosity depending on pressure and temperature, the effects of cavitation and elastic deformation of contacting bodies in the zone of increased pressure, as well as surface waviness and the slipping conditions for the liquid lubricant at the surfaces. The central part of the algorithm is the block of numerical solution of the modified Reynolds equation, which is based on an implicit finite-difference scheme with splitting in directions. At each step of the iteration, the distribution of the heat dissipation power in the layer is calculated, using which the temperature distribution in the lubricant layer is calculated by solving the heat equation by the Fourier expansion method. A sufficiently rapid convergence of iterative cycles is shown. Comparative test calculations are performed with a num ber of other programs that show good convergence and high accuracy of calculations. The presented method is realized in the program package, the computational part of which is written in Fortran 77. The interface is developed on the platform Microsoft. NET Framework using the language C # (C Sharp) for Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. The software allows efficient and fast calculation of mechanical and thermodynamic characteristics of the lubricating layer at high loads. This is of great importance in the creation of space vehicles and launchers. This software allows fast calculations of specific engineering tasks, reducing the requirements for the computer equipment.
Keyword: lubrication layer, hydrodynamic lubrication, software package.

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Ivanov Viktor Andreevich – assistant, Department of Applied mechanics, Polytechnic Institute, Siberian Federal University. E-mail: Vintextrim@yandex.ru.